Smart Solutions for superior surfaces.


Our innovative and ground-breaking treatment technology enhances glass strength to new levels, keeping glass surfaces protected and strong, limiting the impact of accidental damage.


Our process creates a harder, more resistant and resilient polymer, minimising the risk of scratches and damage from everyday use. This gives consumers the best possible product experience throughout the product lifetime.


Engineered to be the toughest glass surface and polymer surfaces in the market for smartphones, wearables and tablets, we aim to make your product last longer for your customers.



Engineering surfaces for the future

After five years of research and an investment of £5m at the University of Leeds, we have an exciting, new, patented technology to make material (glass and polymer) surfaces better.

It’s called Op-Vi Technology, and it makes display screens tougher than ever before.

We are a group of materials scientists and process engineering specialists, and we have developed a quick and simple industrial process that significantly enhances surface properties.

Op-Vi was spun out of the University of Leeds to exploit this new technology. Since formation our dedicated facility has received significant investment and advanced the range and adaptation of the technology. We are now seeking industrial partners to take this unique solution and capability to market



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